Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Helga Szabó

21 July 1933 (Nyíregyháza) – 12 February 2011 (Budapest)

Schools, qualifications:

·      Elementary school: 1939-1943 Training Elementary School of the Teacher Training Institute in Nyíregyháza

·      Secondary grammar school:

from 1943: Girls’ Calvinistic Secondary Grammar School, Nyíregyháza

from February 1950: Veres Pálné Secondary Grammar School, Budapest

from September 1950: Music Conservatory

·      University: 1951-1956 Music Academy, Budapest – Department of Choir Conducting

„Candidate of musicology” (M.A. PhD or DLA), 1988: „History of Hungarian School Music from the Age of Reform until the Early 1980’s”

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First meeting with Zoltán Kodály: 2 May 1937

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Activities as a music teacher:

·      1956-1975: Hunyadi János Elementary School

·      1975-1986: Mókus street Elementary School

·      1986-1996: Associate professor, then professor at the Teacher Training College of Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE)

Music and methodology teaching abroad:

·      1972-73: Kodály Musical Training Institute, Wellesley, USA

·      Japan (from 1980, on approx. 20 occasions)

·      Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA

Other activities:

·      Author of school music books

o       Music books and accompanying exercise books for the 1st to 8th classes of music-specialized elementary schools

o       “Music in the Focus of Centuries” – series of 5 volumes on music of the different ages and centuries, for music-specialized elementary school students

o       Teacher’s books to the school books

o       “Teacher’s Guide to Teaching the Music Books of Zoltán Kodály and Jenő Ádám”

o       “Guide to the Elementary School Book Series of Zoltán Kodály and Jenő Ádám”

·      General production manager of several records and cassettes

o       “The Kodály concept of Music Education” (Boosey and Hawkes, London, 1969) – 3 records & text book

o       Series of cassettes to the music books, 1st to 4th classes in music-specialized elementary schools

o       “Music in the Focus of Centuries” – series of cassettes accompanying the same titled books

o       “Music history” – series of 5 cassettes for 10-15-year-old students

o       “The Joy of Singing – Pupils singing after the Kodály method in 1962”

·      Author of books

o       “Music Improvisation in the School” – 4 volumes

o       “You can Sing Too”

o       “Pentatonic World”

o       “Modal World”

o       “Japan at Short Range: Results of the Kodály Method in Japan”

o       “Collection of Japanese Children’s Songs”

·      Choir conductor (school choir & chamber choir)

·      Editor and broadcaster of radio programs and series for the youth (1960-1978)

·      Announcer in musical programs for children

·      Speaker in conferences, symposia

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·      2011: Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

·      2006: Hungarian Heritage Award

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